Monday, January 16, 2017

Flash Firmware OPPO Neo 5 With Memory Card

Flash OPPO Neo 5 With Memory Card

Flash OPPO Neo 5 With Memory Card
Oppo Neo 5

Flash Oppo Neo 5 With Memory Card - Smartphone Oppo how to Flash this time is how to flash Oppo Neo 5, How to flash it can use to repair damage Oppo Neo 5 of various software problems

Some of the problems of software that often occur in the Oppo Neo 5 can be fixed by way of flashing, to be used for restoring Oppo Neo 5 bootloop "Botloop is lit screen appears only logo OppoO alone", Frequent appears notification unfortunately the application has stalled, Application not responding, Application can not run, can not be removed applications, Oppo Neo 5 loading very long and Oppo Neo 5 can not be connected to the internet ..

Create your Oppo Neo 5 users who experience difficulties as above, How to flash Oppo Neo 5 is of course you can use as a software solution for recovery Oppo Neo 5, please follow the tutorial how to flash Oppo Neo 5 below ;

Download Link  : Firmware Oppo Neo 5

OPPO Neo 5 With Flash Memory Card

  • Copy Firmware / ColorOS Oppo Neo 5 who have downloaded earlier to the SD Card (Put out the folder only to facilitate the OS Upgrade Oppo Neo 5)
  • Make sure the battery Oppo Neo 5 is sufficient to perform flashing.
  • Oppo Neo 5 must be in a state Off
  • Turn off the Oppo Neo 5 if Oppo Neo 5 has not been turned off
  • Go into recovery mode Oppo Neo 5 by press and hold the Volume Down + Power button simultaneously until Recovery Mode posts appear in the lower left corner of the screen Oppo Neo 5 and release both keys. Wait a while until the Oppo Neo 5 will go to Select Langguage.
  • For navigation use the volume keys and power button for OK or use tuchscreen screen for navigation and OK
  • Next, select the language English language recovery
  • OPPO menu options will appear RECOVERY
  • To get the maximum flashing, Before Upgrading OS Oppo Neo 5 do wipe data and cache with the data and how to select Wipe cache> wipe data and cache> YES confirmation and wipe data Wait for the process to complete.
  • Log in to the Flash / Upgrade OS Oppo Neo 5
  • Select Install from SD
  • Choose From SD
  • Select the Firmware / ColorOS which is in SD Card and the confirmation select YES to start the process of flash / upgrade OS Oppo Neo 5
  • Oppo Neo 5 Upgrade process will take place and wait for the process to complete
  • After the upgrade process is completed select Reboot and confirm pilh YES
  • Oppo Neo 5 will restart
  • Wait for the restart process Oppo Neo 5 to finish
  • If the restart process has been completed Oppo Neo 5 again flame itself
After all the flash Oppo Neo 5 With Memory Card above you can do to completion, if Oppo Neo 5 before experiencing a software problem, of course, now Oppo Neo 5 has been re-usable.