Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Todoist 11.1.5 APK for Android

Download Todoist 11.1.5 APK for Android

Download Todoist 11.1.5 APK for Android

Downl0ad Todoist 11.1.5 APK for Android
Todoist is a private mission manager to aid you stay on top of your entire commitments and duties. With Todoist, you can on no account omit an appointment or challenge again.

The first thing to do after installing Todoist to your Android is log in to your account or register. That executed, that you may sync all of your duties across all of the devices and platforms on which you've gotten also hooked up Todoist.

The app involves lots of tools for organizing your reminders: points in time, routine deadlines, subtasks, priorities, subprojects, and color coding. With all these choices, that you would be able to get an inspiration of everything you have got to do with just a glance on the reveal.

Downl0ad Todoist 11.1.5 APK for Android
With Todoist, that you could additionally share projects over the internet with other users. Just pick which tasks you want to share, and then they can then be modified by way of any of the collaborating users.

Because of its integration with Dropbox and G-power, that you may additionally effectively add files to your tasks. Just prefer them from the undertaking itself to connect them in seconds. Todoist is an best mission-management software to aid you maintain your appointments, commitments, and everything else below manipulate.

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Todoist 11.1.5 APK for Android (9.42MB)