Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Slime Dungeon 0.31.161218.03-1.2.1 APK for Android

Slime Dungeon 0.31.161218.03-1.2.1 APK for Android

Download Slime Dungeon 0.31.161218.03-1.2.1 APK for Android

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Slime Dungeon is an RPG the place which you could play the legendary 'slimes' from the Dungeon Quest universe, going deep into tons of dungeons filled with traps and enemies. Your purpose: to end the Evil Dominator's rule over the continent of Erathia.

The gameplay in Slime Dungeon is understated and fun. While you enter a dungeon, all tiles are hidden, so you must tap them to see what's underneath. There you'll find everything from potions and weapons to traps and enemies. Facing your enemies could be very simple, too: to assault, just faucet them and bear in mind they'll inflict as much harm as indicated.

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As natural in RPGs, in Slime Dungeon which you could equip your 'slimes' with lots of specific pieces of apparatus. Swords, shields, helmets, charms ... You'll be able to find 1000s of objects to improve your heroes. Additionally, as you progress forward in the sport, you'll be able to in finding superior 'slimes' with better abilities.

Slime Dungeon is an satisfactory RPG in every single facet. The gameplay is modest and enjoyable, the story is way more exciting than it seems in the beginning, and the images are beautiful. Moreover, the sport elements a giant amount of content material.

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