Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bingo Bash 1.63.0 APK for Android

Bingo Bash 1.63.0 APK for Android

Download Bingo Bash 1.63.0 APK for Android
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Download Free APK Bingo Bash 1.63.0 for Android
Bingo Bash is a very fun game where you can play this game of chance against dozens of players without having to leave home. With absolutely no differences compared to a real game of bingo, this app lets you enjoy hours of your favorite pastime.

Just like in any bingo hall, the first thing you to do in this app is buy the number of cards you want, and then sit and wait for the current game to finish. When that round ends, you'll enter the game. Once the numbers start appearing at the top of the screen, you'll have to make sure to mark them on your Bingo card since you'll receive no help, and the first one to call Bingo! gets the prize. The best part of Bingo Bash is that the game won't end with the first person who gets Bingo. Instead, you'll have five more chances before you lose your spot in the game. 

Download And Install Bingo Bash 1.63.0 APK for Android
If for whatever reason you're unlucky and haven't completed your card in the first six rounds, you'll lose everything and will have to continue buying options. There are several bingo halls where you can play styles other than the traditional bingo, in case you want to try something new and enjoy other styles.

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