Friday, June 24, 2016

Greek Wifi WPA Finder for Android

Download Greek Wifi WPA Finder for Android

This program designed for some's router that have error in design for set the default password. Application was created to protect you , and let you know if your router is an easy target.

- Greek Wifi - Wireless WPA Finder only for default password's 

- Get the codes from some router that has not changed the default password. 

- The application is only to protect you and test if your network is safe or not. If you find some atherpassword of router then, must notify them for security problem immediately. 

-Attention !!! If you try to check your network and you have changed the password, there is a possibility to store the error code default, in this case need to manually type the pass into the password field and then try to connect. Else you can go to settings -> wifi -> select your network and then press delete, so scan the networks connect by typing your password and login normal.

-For now the password base in mac address of router modem, we hopey to find morecalculation algorithms for other ways to assign the default passords to provide more safety.

- App contains advertising just open the application and will not be liable for any costs if the open data network company level. 

- We don't have any liability for any damage or use contrary to the above rules.