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Visual design beautifully coupled with Web design & development.

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Visual Design

This is where it all begins. Your customers aren’t going to enjoy your website experience much without visual appeal. They won’t know why they don’t enjoy browsing either, that’s up to you. You need visually appealing layouts that migrate users where you want them to go.
I consider myself to have achieved near mastery in Photoshop, I can create just about anything the situation calls for. I do a lot of my alterations in LAB color and can transform an average image into an excellent one. I also have extensive Flash experience. More…

Web Design-Usability

Web Design & Usability

Your website has to flow. It has to tell your story. Are your customers getting frustrated? Do they get so far and leave? Does the overall web experience excite your customers, does it instill confidence in them about your company?
I’ve been designing for the web in some form or another for over 10 years now. Whether the beginnings of your site start with a sketch or a wireframe I’ll help guide you through a good logical flow. I’m a hawk for good GUI. Please see my portfolio for more. More…

Front-end development

Front-end Development

Yes, things have come a long way, and for the most part for the better. IE 6 is fading. Tables are mostly out. The web is now served by DIVs’, sophisticated CSS, Javascript, PHP, HTML5, a plethora of technologies are out there.
Who’s going to get your site to this level? Who’s going to refresh your current site?
Please see my portfolio for more info. More…